Zan Interior Design, based in Dubai, rooted in the Middle-East, and a blend of Levant – Turkey palate, a firm with a diverse team. Our mission is to merge traditional integrities with modern schemes. We create dynamic, comprehensive spaces for a variety of functions ranging from hospitality, residential, retail and commercial.

The name “ZAN ” comes from the Arabic word for Beech wood. Where Beech is thought of as The Mother of the Woods. Beech tree is told to be rooted in the knowledge of the ancients and sustained by the ideas of the present. Like the symbols of the Beech wood, we at Zan Interior Design derive our design methods from the study of the rich culture and from the beauty of the tradition.


Zan Interior Design is the MENA office for CARIS, a furniture factory from Turkey. Find a wide range of collections of chairs, arm chairs, lounge sofas, stools and tables that can be customized in terms of textile and material.
ID STUDIO is our manufacturing factory, and experimentation workshop. Where custom made built-in and loose furniture are being manufactured. And where metal fabrications are being executed. Zan Interior Design in collaboration with id studio, turns concept designs into actual products.
Along with landscape design, Zan Interior Design, provides wood composite floor decks and pergolas. Not only best in quality, but also the most wood composite that resembles natural wood feeling and texture. It is green, luxurious, and durable.
Zan Interior Design provides a motorized & foldable awning system to close outdoor areas. It comes along with compatible glazing systems, where they can create sun rooms. Also, the glazing systems can be installed to close open facades and balconies or to create interior foldable partitions.